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We know managing your resources to prepare for your life, health, and retirement can feel overwhelming. After all, there are so many options, how would you know where to begin? At JP Financial Group, we’ve spent the past 20 years simplifying those questions and providing clarity for our clients. Our goal is to remove the confusion and anxiety and map out a proven plan to reach your goals. In today’s busy world, how would it feel to know that your plan could fulfill the dreams you work so hard to achieve?

Joyce Palmer, JP Financial Group, LLC

Joyce Palmer is the managing partner of JP Financial Group LLC, a Charlotte-based boutique financial firm dedicated to serving women, as well as joint owner of JPFG Wealth Management LLC. Joyce has passionately committed over two decades of her career to helping create financial legacies for ladies.

Joyce’s own life experience led her to recognize the difference between gender when it comes to financial decisions. She believes that women have different needs when you consider that they live longer and are more likely to live alone for significant periods of time as widows and divorcees. Joyce also realizes that women want to work with financial professionals who listen to them and can personally relate to their concerns, goals and objectives.

Joyce holds a BA in Business from Virginia State University and has completed extensive studies and certifications in income planning strategies, social security benefits, estate planning strategies and long-term care health insurance.

Joyce serves on the board of directors for The Charlotte Post Foundation and Faith in Action Community and Education Transition Services ( F.A.C.E.T ) a nonprofit that supports women and children making the transition from homelessness towards independence.


“If that describes you or your loved ones, I’m here to help you with a different approach to retirement planning strategies and I believe you will be happy with the result.”




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